Resources for older people experiencing complications


My mother (age 62) has had type 1 since she was a teenager. She is now experiencing pretty much all of the major complications, including kidney failure, visual impairment, heart problems, etc. Right now, I just helped her move into an adult family home (after months of going in between the hospital and various rehab facilities.)

I am trying to get her on Medicaid within the next several months and have a great lawyer who has been very helpful. But for now, she doesn’t have much money and paying for her care is depleting her resources pretty rapidly. So I am wondering if there are any resources that provide financial assistance to adults in this situation.

Thank you very much for your support.

@SRPK987 hello Sarah, I don’t have much to add other than you can check with the companies that make insulin for a cost break. Many have low income programs.

Good luck