Retinopathy- 2020

Hello fellow diabetics. My first time posting, although I’ve throughly enjoyed reading through a lot of posts

Well… I had my first vitreous hemorrhage almost one year ago in my left eye. I was diagnosed with PDR by a doctor in New Jersey and flew straight home to MN to begin treatment. Within the past year, I had one small VH in my right eye as well. Two laser sessions in left along with multiple shots. 1 laser session In right with multiple shots. Ive had small floaters for the past year but no more large VH’s.

And of course, almost on my 1 year VH anniversary, boom! Large bleed in left eye this morning . I even went in last week because I thought I was seeing new floaters. He reassured me the the abnormal blood vessels were regressing and no treatment was needed. But of course a large bleed one week later. Ugh…

So… he gave me a shot of Lucentis and said that my normal doc may prefer to do more laser. I’m obviously worried about losing my peripheral vision.

what has your experience been? Do you still continue to get VH’s? I guess I had two in my left eye within a 12 month time frame so I cant complain too much? I just dont want this current bleed to take months or even weeks to clear.

ive been exercising the last year and my A1c’s have been below 7 with a vey low standard deviation. Is there anything else I should be doing? My blood pressure is also in good range.

Hi @Morio031 welcome to TypeOneNation. I had just 2 laser sessions 12 years ago and my left eye has been stabile. I just got a scan and there’s a little prob on the right eye, scheduled for laser next Monday. That’s my total experience. Hope things calm down for you. Please let us know how you’re doing

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@Morio031 Hi Nick, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Happy that you found that the posts you’ve been reading interested you enough to join. I look forward to hearing more from you about living with diabetes.

I don’t believe that you mean “vitreous hemorrhage”, but rather “retinal hemorrhage” where the blood dripped into the vitreous fluid - the clear gel-like gunk that fills the center of the eye. Retinopathy, in its various forms, occurs when blood vessels of the retina hemorrhage; and also by formation of additional retinal blood vessels.

In my experience, I do not think you need to be too concerned about peripheral vision loss - at least, mine is still good. Just this week, I went through considerable testing, including peripheral vision, while being “fitted” for a new eyeglass prescription - my first new prescription since cataract removal surgery in 2002, and mine was excellent. Since my cataract surgery, I’ve had at least four LASER sessions, two eyes, and many injections.

My history: I have had countless LASER sessions, numbering in the hundreds using several types of beam, since my first LASER treatment in 1967 up until my most recent in 2018. So many LASER burns, that ophthalmologists have told I don’t have any real estate left for more burns.
Each of us is different, you may not experience the good luck that I have had, yet, I wish you well, and GOOD vision.

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