I've had retinopathy for about 33 years.   After the first bleeding that left me totally without vision,  The blood reabsorbed in a day or so and one eye was treated with laser then.   This was  in 1976.   In 1990 + or -.,  I had bleeding that left the other  eye totally without vision.  Within a week this eye had reabsorbed the blood and that eye was treated with laser.   Now I'm reviewing all the info in print today that implies laser is not a cure and I find I'm loosing sight.  Anyone have a clue about time or expectations of Retinopathy?   Recently my opthamologist implied, I think, that the laser burn spots are getting larger and where they touch one another,  creates a "blind spot".   Any ideas any one?  I read large print and best with flashlight in hand.  Depth of field is getting worse and falling is a new problem.   Not always because I'm not paying attention either!               Thanks, Linda