Retirement planning!



who here ever thinks about their 401(k)?  Now, I work in the 401(k) industry, but I'm not going for the hard sell of any sort!


I was thinking about my own retirement funding, and I thought to myself, am I really going to have to worry about reaching 90?  


On the other hand, health care costs will probably be a you-know-what when I'm old.


Anyone else think about this stuff?


I don't really worry about that..I have a RRSP started but I'll also have a government pension(hopefully haha). I just focus on the present..otherwise you're just spending all your time worrying!


Diabetics in Canada can apply for the  Disability Tax Credit (a very long and complicated process).  This makes you eligible to open an RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) and the government tops it up with grants.  An RDSP can be comprised of anything: bonds, mutual funds, stocks, etc.  its designed for people who qualify to quickly build income and is geared towards those who will need it earlier (ie. 47yrs).  This can be done in addition to any RRSP (like the 401k).

Yes, I also think about this often.  My goal is to retire early (ie. 50) and I've tried to save as much $ as possible for this.

I have a 401K and so forth.  As long as I don't get laid off and can't find another job or get really sick, I think I can retire in good shape in about 10 years.  Then I want to take that boat trip to Alaska up the inside passage!