Revel or 530G?

I'm currently using the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm and Sof-Serter Sensor. My warranty is up this month so I have a decision to make.

I know my endocrinologist wants me to get the 0.025 u/hr flexibility instead of the 0.05 u/hr on the Paradigm, so I will get a new pump, BUT I have heard mixed reviews about the newest (poorly named) "artificial pancreas" that is the 530G pump and Elite sensor. On the one hand, I like all the advantages of getting the most advanced technology, but at the same time I'm happy with my current sensors and I don't want to mess with that.

What do you guys think?

I would definitely go with the new pump. The enlite sensor is more accurate and much easier to put in. The new pump has different algorithms to make it more accurate with the new sensor. I am waiting to get one on the Pathway Program so I am on a 3 month waiting list.

@MaggieJo I hear you on this.

I always have a hard time with change myself. I have been using the Minimed Revel and I think my warranty is up soon and I’m conflicted on whether or not I want to upgrade. I am actually not even using the MM CGM right now anyway, it was way to frustrating for me to use because of the tape not sticking to my body and the insertion felt like a medieval torture device! So, I switched last year to the Dexcom G4 and I love it! I wish their was some sort of Dex/Pump combo to use though, it would make my decision easier! I think If anything I will wait for that to happen to switch to another pump. If that ever happens!!

So I used the Soft sets about 5 years ago when I first got my MM Paradigm 722. Hated them. Hate hate hated them. Painful bloody mess for me and completely inaccurate.

So I just upgraded to the 530G and I’m trying the Enlite because I really need to tweak my basals. OMG… there was next to NO pain. I was shocked. And it seems much more accurate. The educators told me that frequent calibration can lead to inaccurate sensor data (which I wish someone said with the Soft set if that was the case then).

The transmitter is the same. The taping is a bit more tedious. But I like it so far. If the sensor is your only concern, perhaps you could get a sample from Medtronic and a loaner pump at your endo’s office that you can just try the new sensor? They might balk at that idea though.

530G is the way to go … I just started on it and I love the new features and the Enlite CGMs is great!

Yes, if you calibrate too often it can change mess things up especially with the soft sensor (esp if the arrows are going up or down.

Finally found my way back to this thread. I am so confused by the new typeonenation layout! (I’m usually ok with change so this is making me feel grumpy and old! LOL)
Anyway! Thanks for all the responses guys. I started the process so I could apply for the 530G and elite before my insurance changes on Jan 1. Found out that I can have it with just a $15 co-pay and I should have it by next week. I will get a reimbursement for returning my old pump but they said I could keep a few months as backup, just in case. That makes me feel much better! I’ll be posting about how it goes!

Happy New Year!

Wonderful!! I am glad you are making the switch!! What I love most about the new 530G is that I can wear the sensor for 6 days instead of 3. I also love that there is less tape involved, AND it sticks SOOOO much better!

I do like that feature. However I still used to get about five days use from my soft sensor.

I am using the Enlite sensors with the 523 Revel pump since it will be well over a year before my existing pump warranty is up. My 523 pump does work OK with the new Enlite sensors. I switched over from the Dextron CGM 2 days ago. However Medtronics did not choose to get FDA certification for the Enlite sensors with the Revel pump so my doc had to put that I was to use Enlite sensors with my existing 523 pump. It works because the old sensors and the Enlite use the same sensor transmitter specs.

The disadvantage is that the new features (although I suspect they are minimal) of the 530G are not available when using Enlite+Revel. I think that is primarily just the ability to turn off basal delivery based on lows.

So maybe the question ought to be “Enlite with Revel or 530G?” since Enlite works with both.

Really appreciate everyone’s input. I went for the new 530G and enlite sensor and received them on Friday with a very minimal co-pay. I am keeping my Paradigm 522 as back up in case I have any issues. Just hooked up the new pump with the old sensor tonight (if it works, why not?) and I am going for training tomorrow where I’ll be putting in the enlite sensor for the first time.
The kit came with a lot of very helpful literature. The medtronic website also has a lot of videos covering the same information for those who learn better that way.

For those who are interested, I got a brochure specifying the changes from previous models to the 530G, which includes:
-Alert directed navigation - when you get an alert, it takes you to the menu you might possibly need to follow-up. (ex: high BG takes you to the bolus wizard menu).
-Missed meal bolus reminder (if no bolus given during a time frame you specify).
-Ability to bolus or input basal rate increments as small as 0.025 units for those that are very insulin sensitive.
-Active insulin display on certain screens
-Expanded range of Carb ratios from 1 to 200 g/unit
-The option of “Capturing” an event, such as exercise, meal, etc that will transfer to the Carelink software.
-Predictive alerts to tell you if you’re going to go low or high up to 30 minutes beforehand.
-Rate of BG change alerts.
-Alert silence: so you can go into a meeting and not have to deal with alerts every few minutes.
-And of course, the feature they are advertising the most: Threshold suspend. Basal insulin is suspended if no action is taken from a low BG alert.

Whether these features are useful is yet to be seen.

I was recently contacted by the publication Evidence-Based Diabetes Management and asked if I was interested in reviewing my 530g with Enlite. I sure was. Here’s a link to my blog post, complete with a link and copy of my review.

I’ve had the 530G since November and never knew about the “missed bolus reminder” until I read this post. I went searching through my pump menus and there it was! That’s a cool feature–I don’t miss boluses often but it’s nice to know that’s there and I can program it in. Thanks!

Hey guys,
Was looking for some imput… Im not too familiar with the 530G but was wondering what you thought? Is the CGM and the insulin pump in the same insert and controlled all through the pump?? How does it work?

I am currently on the onmi pod pump (and loveeee the tube free conection)and JUST started the dexcom (which i LOVE) but looking to get better control as my blood sugar still fluxuates alot, thought it would be nice if the pump and CGM worked together?

Sorry but the Medtronic Revel & 530G insulin pumps utilize different “ports” for insulin infusion and for blood sugar monitoring. The good side is that you only need to have one device attached to your body.

@MaggieJo I have the new Minimed 530G and it is AWESOME! The Enlite sensor is much better once it gets more accurate. How has everyones 530G been working? To whoever has one.

@breynolds314 The CGM (Enlite) works GREAT with the 530G. I have had the 530G since January and the Enlite since February. Both are fantastic! But on the other hand, they are two different insertions. The Enlite is a little larger but feels pretty comfortable. The infusion sites I use for my 530G are the Silhouettes. I have only had 2-3 kinks in my cannulas since January. Trust me! they are amazing compatibles!