Roll call!

Meme and I have concocted a plan to offer a place for all of us weight-loss wanna-bees to log our exercise activities for the day, week, month, etc. If you are trying to take some weight off or keep weight off, sign in here each time you want to update your "scorecard". This will hopefully help us all keep track of the exercise we're doing AND motivate each other to do more.

I'd start, but so far today all I've done is get my teeth cleaned at the dentist and crouch behind my desk typing. I'm going to try out the lonely elliptical at home tonight, though. I'll let you know how it goes...

If it is OK, I would like to get in on this also.  I have been trying to lose weight (feels like forever) and just started trying to fit in some exercise, now that it is getting nicer out.  I have been on WW for 16 weeks and only lost 7 lbs!!  :(  I go on and off.  Today I walked for 20 mins, and watched what I ate ALL day.  (Thats big for  Lets see what I could do...i want to lose about 50 lbs at the end, but I will start off slow...Ill be happy with 10 for starters.

Ok, so I barely made it upstairs last night to get to bed, not to mention not even looking in the room where the elliptical is :( 

One of my dogs tore her ACL while rough-housing outside and I had to spend the evening fussing and worrying about her. She's at the vet now getting x-rayed and all that.

So my exercise tally for yesterday was exactly JACK.

Let's see what today holds for me...

I want in Janie !!! Thanks sooo much..and I shall return..I hope :)  your sweet dog..hope she is better soon ...

This is definitely a group that I have to join!  So far, the only thing I have exercised lately is my right not to exercise!  LOL

I hope to be back here today!

;(  yesterday  :( 


Hello Janie and meme, well i would love in the group. I have at least 20 lbs to take off and for yesterday the exercise i did was NOTHING except for the 6 mins of warmups on my workout video before it cut off!!!!!


"If it's true that we are what we eat, then I am fast, easy and cheap" -- Barbara Johnson

Sorry to say...nothing today.  Maybe tommorrow

I am happy to report that I spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning up my largest garden today, getting ready to plant soon.  Also, I am proud to report that the only thing that pulled me away was the fact that it was 7 p.m. and I hadn't started anything for dinner yet!

Does wearing 3" heals to work all day count??  If not, then no, I didn't get any exercise today.

It depends on whether you are on your feet all day or sit at a desk...?  In my case, the 3" heels would provide tons of exercise: getting up off the floor everytime I fell!  LOL

Okay, need to lose 30 lbs to get to 130lbs

Why I want to lose weight and get in shape- so my knees, legs, and back won't hurt at work (orange box store paint department.)

Today I did about 5 miles on my bike and moved 200+ lbs of freight at work. =_=  sleeeppyy

I've been at it for 2 weeks so far. No weight loss yet- but my pants fit better

Stilledlife brings up an interesting point.  The extra exercise that everyone (including me) is attempting to fit in will not necessarily bring on immediate results regarding weight loss.  However, I remember from past tries that it helps to increase energy, which is, in itself a bonus!

I'll be heading out in a little while to help a friend with her JDRF charity barbecue...  I wonder if somehow I can turn that into some form of exercise?!?  lol

I always got Extra exercise at barbecues! Races, Frisbee, corn toss, silly games always make for fun activities at barbecues and just plain play is a great way to exercise.


congrats stilledlife on getting started on your plan and all of work that your putting into. Just 1 question though, do you do alot of biking?? I'm trying to get things sorted out for myself and everytime I become active the bad low's start so i'm starting the process of adjusting basal's just wondered if you had any advice for someone who wants to get back into the biking other than carry fast acting carbs with me at all times??

So yesterday i went for an hr walk with the dog and this morning went for a 1/2 hr walk up hill with the dog(at 7:30am).  

I am going to have to adjust my goal from losing 20lbs to losing 30lbs which will put me at 140lbs(was just weighted yesterday and all of the sitting around feeling sorry and SICK is getting to me I'm at 169lbs!!!!)

"If it's true that we are what we eat, then I am fast, easy and cheap" -- Barbara Johnson

CJ, you sound just like me. figuring out the insulin thing when exercising takes some practice. with the pump it is fairly straight forward, just set a temporary basal of 60 or 40% depending on the rigor and length of time you are exercising. always carry a snack anyway too, I always do. If you are on shots, talk with your doctor, it is their job to help you adjust for exercise and they are pretty happy to share that information with you. =)

Best of luck with our goals! 30 lbs be gone, skinner pants, and lower A1c here we come!

I am back,have been absent because the dog ate my homework :)

Hey everyone. I have to get back on here! I've been exercising, but not checking in, which would definitely keep me more motivated! Yesterday, I was feeling SOO sore and not up to it. But, I managed to make myself do 10 min of cardio (kick-boxing video) and 10 minute of a "yoga for abs" video. I'm heading to the t.v. to try to pop in a video now while my son is asleep! Let's hope I get 30-40 minutes in today, but we'll see how it goes ...

Good luck to everyone else!

Great job, Sarah!

My attemps at exercise have been rather sporadic and like you, I just plain forget to check in here.  Today, I was gardening for three hours.  Actually, not so much gardening as tearing out (shovelling) a section of the yard that has lost to the weeds.  It was hard work and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow too!

Good for you, Nads. Gardening and cleaning the house both make me go low, so it ust burn a lot of calories.

I managed to do 30 min of kick-boxing (10 min w/ hand weights), and 10 min of yoga. Feeling it now!