Rough day

Cassidy is having a really rough day been real achey, lethargic, and shaky all day.  I have been checking her levels like mad and they are all in the normal range been that way all day long.   I think its the first day we have had since we started this madness where her numbers have been normal.  I hate seeing my baby like this, she dont want to do anything and keeps telling me how much she hurts and feels yucky.  I dont know if I should call the endo since she is having normal numbers or what.  Why does this have to be so confusing?

Call the endo-Be on the safe side-you will feel better.I hope she feels better soon.Take Care...

Riley didnt feel well the first few times she was in a normal range. The more often she is the more normal she feels. Right now she is low 53 and insane she gets all batty and goofy. She cant stop laughing. First time she had a low this low she was lethargic and looked like something was wrong. This time I could tell until she checked herself for bed time snack. It is confusing and annoying that none of it makes since.

You are both such good moms.I hope each day gets better :)

She might be getting a cold?

If it's her first time back in the normal range after weeks or months of being high, she probably feels low and awful. After a few days, normal should feel normal again. (:

But, I wouldn't hesitate to call the endo just in case if you have any worries!

P.S. If she's ever acting different from what her meter is saying, meters come with testing solutions (usually a clear gel that you put on a strip) to make sure the meter is working correctly. Something else to check to be sure.