Routine and/or Dedicated place?

wondering if anyone has a particular place dedicated to all things pump? like, a corner, a desk, dresser? Did you do anything “friendly” with the area to make it more appealing?
Second, curious what routine people follow when changing site, reloading reservoir etc. What do you do first, second etc seems kind of disjointed for me, not a smooth obvious flow of events

Yes Val @Val, over the years, 62 with diabetes, I have had a dedicated place in my various homes for keeping things diabetes.
In my current home, I keep my supply of “current” pump necessities [one box cartridges and one box of each type infusion set] in an open-front storage container on an eye-level shelf in one of my closets; the remainder of my three month supply is stacked on a higher shelf. Also on the eye-level shelf is my "grab-n-go pack with about two weeks supply and a back-up power supply. My everyday, all day usage stuff is in a place in the kitchen next to where I always sit - BG meter and a complete pump change including vial of insulin; also in this spot I have my belt pack with meter and “snacks” for walking and also a bike-pack with additional snacks and juice. That place in the kitchen is next to the door leading to the garage and also where I keep my keys and sunglasses so I always remember to take one of my packs when driving or biking.

When I used MiniMed pumps I had a very set routine for filling and insertion, but now with the Tandem t-Slim my routine isn’t so strongly set - only four months using this pump.

I have enough free space as a single guy to keep everything in a dedicated cabinet, OTC junk like ibuprofen goes in a different cabinet. Never any guessing when I need something, or to see the quantity remaining.

A years worth of AA/AAA batteries, 1 months Humalog, and an unopened bottle of Lantus in the refrigerator’s “butter compartment”.