Any diabetic rowers out there? What do you do for lows and your pump when you’re out on the water?

I have built my own 14’ Adirondack Guide Boat and when I go out on the water I usually take some Glucose 4oz. bottles with me just in case. I set my pump into a Temp Basil to about 50% for the time period that I plan on being out there. So far I have not had to use them at all.

Yep! I have been rowing for just about 4 years now and I’ve worked out a system with my coaches for on water practice. I have a bag (waterproof) that I put the basics in - mine has an extra tester kit, glucose tabs, glucose gel, glucagon kit, and a pen plus some other basic snack foods - which ever coach is coaching my boat for the practice takes the bag out with them in their launch so if anything happens I have extra supplies on the water. I also take a 4oz. glucose bottle with me in the boat it self.