Running equipment

Hi! I’m getting back into running which is awesome but am having problems on where to put all the things I need- like a snack, car keys and fob for my apartment. Curious what others do? I was packing stuff in my sports bra but that doesn’t seem like a good long term solution :joy:. I’m wondering what you guys use for Item keeping.

There are stretch bands you can get for your wrist, upper arm or waist, that have at least a couple of pockets where you can stash your goodies.

Thank you! This looks interesting

It’s rather surprising how much they hold, although they may get a bit bulky. Still I prefer them to fanny packs.
I’ve also seen water bottles with storage sections, but I imagine they would be heavy.

Hi Taylor @Tee25, I never tried packing all that stuff in my sport bra - too uncomfortable.

A couple of years ago, my wife gave me a water bottle [picked up at Walmart] that slips into a fabric “case” that includes both a hand-holder on one side and a zippered pouch on the other side. The zippered pouch is large enough for a couple of keys and a pack of PB crackers / granola bar. The good part aboiut the handle part is that ny hand slips in, and the fabric pressure hold the bottle snug enough that I really don’t need effort to carry the thing.

The drawback, the water bottle is only about 10 ozs. But, I found by slightly stretching the fabric that is supposed to be snug on a narrow-necked bottle, I was able to slide in an 18 oz. bottle.

Think it’s called a spi belt. I found it at the running store but prob online too. They had sizes for cell or just small stuff. Better than a Fannie pack

Hi Taylor. My daughter is the T1D, and I am the runner, so I get both issues. I use a Nathan hydration belt for my runs. It has two 10 oz water bottles (for me, 1 water 1 Gatorade). and a nice pack in between. Fits my car key and phone and has room for other stuff as well. When I’m going past 6 or 7 miles, I add in chap stick and some chews. It also has some strap on the bets that I use to hold gels, and they could work great for other snacks as well. Sometimes they have then on sale, or on sale at REI or Amazon too. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t the most expensive ones either. They have always works well and held up well for me.

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@Tee25 Hi Tee - I’ve been using SpiBelts (extra large) for years as they hold my phone and keys and don’t bounce - good for short runs. (Note they also make one for insulin pumps but when combined with phone and keys, it’s just a bit too much weight around my middle to have a decent run : )

This year, though, for my longer runs where I need more glucose tablets, etc, I recently made the switch to the Nathan vest, and it’s been a HUGE improvement. It’s really nice not to have everything on my stomach area for a change. It took a week for me to get used to it, but I love that the backpack doesn’t bounce at all.

On cool days, I remove the bladder entirely, then load up the front pocket with glucose and goo, and throw everything else in the main back compartment. Sometimes I’ve even put a small plastic waterbottle with electrolytes in the front and back and it worked nicely. Note: I tried 3 versions of CamelBak brand, but they just didn’t do it for me. Others swear by that brand though so it’s up to personal preference :slight_smile: Happy running!

My son and I are both type 1, and are pretty active. We have been using running belts. They have them on Amazon for pretty cheap - and then hold quite a bit. Like a fanny pack - but more streamlined.

I’ve used a Flipbelt for years, from long before I was diagnosed (at age 72) with T1d. They’re very compact, forming a complete elastic band around your waist. I’ve found that very effective, and preferable to belted items with buckles. I used it for keys and the like before T1d, but it handles my Medtronic 670g pump just fine.

I like using hip bags like the one I linked to below. They allow me to be hands free, but have pretty quick and easy access to supplies when I need them. I’ve linked you to an Etsy example - I’m not affiliated with them, it’s just the closest I could find to what I have.