Running & Lows

I love to run and I run everyday of the week! Nothing has changed really but lately I have had a lot of lows following a run and throughout the day I feel like I’m always trying to avoid dropping lower and my BG will be fine but then a few hours later it will start to drop like a delayed low. Any other athletes get this? What do you do?


I don’t run, but, I do crossfit and I have similar issues. I don’t know if you are currently on an insulin pump but, something that seems to work for me (after a lot of trial and error) is that I lower my basal rates on workout days 1-1.5 hours before I am working out, then check my blood sugar right before a workout, if I am 180 or above I won’t do anything with the suspend feature or disconnect. If I am lower than 180 I will suspend the pump for an hour or take off the pump, because I know I will definitely go low during the workout. After working out I will keep my basal lower than usual as well and it prevents me from dropping later on.

But, there are times that no matter what I do, I go low hours later, sometimes even after having a snack. Your body is still burning fat from exercise hours later which is why you have a delay. Maybe try having a protein shake after a run, I really think that may help you!

Another suggestion I have is talking to your CDE or Dietician because they may have suggestions that can work for you too!

@Caddy & @katie.clark, may have some tips too!


I saw this post a few days ago I’m sorry I never actually replied!

I did some running last summer and have done some in the past. Not a huge runner, more of a 5-10 km guy. Nothing crazy. However, I do work out 4 times a week, focusing on Cardio and Weight training.

What you’re going through is something that happens to me as well! It’s hard to control it sometimes I find. You’ll have a recipe that will work for a while and then you’ll go on a streak where it won’t work. Is it what you eat? I don’t know, I question it too sometimes for myself. I get confused when my blood sugar might be a little higher than normal after and I do a semi-correction and STILL manage to go low after. It’s rare that I go low during though.

If I was you, I would just keep checking and continue to do trial and error (like what @Gina said). At some point something will work for your body and you’ll be able to use that recipe consistently! I usually just back track as much as I can and see what I could have done differently. I try to mock the good days as much as possible.

Let us know what ends up fixing your issue. There’s always a solution out there, you just got to find it!

Okay I’m going to do somemore trial and error and hope for the best. I usually will turn of the basal about 30mins in advance by I will try turning it down a little earlier and see where that lead.


I think that an hour before and after may help but, make sure to double check with your Endo too. He may have some good suggestions for you that we don’t know about!

Let us know how it goes!!!

I know this is an old post, but I was just diagnosed this past May, and started on a pump and CGM in July.

Typically, I run 1-4 times per week anywhere from 1-4 miles. Living in Hawaii, sometimes it is too hot to run, but I still try to get some time on the pavement. When I do run, I do a 50% temp basal for an hour before and after as well as during the workout (usually 2.5 hours).

Recently, I started doing a 70% temp basal when I do yard work as well.

When I run, I wear Friendly Swede Running belt that has 2 rolls of smarties and a small pack of peanut butter crackers. Additionally, I have a medical bracelet that says I have Type 1 and my wife’s name and number.