Running too low?

The past 2 days I have been running pretty low most of the day...under 80 and I have not felt the baby move for the last 2 days either. Is running too low dangerous to the baby and is it normal to have lapses in periods of movement? I am 20 weeks along now, so I know the baby does not move constantly but she has been busy every day for the past few weeks.

Kelly, I have had a lot of lows myself, with my avg blood sugar being 84. I was told that insulin does not pass through to the baby like sugar does, so the baby will not have the extra insulin. I was also told the only effect would potentially be a reduced heartrate during lows. My OB was more concerned about me passing out and falling, harming myself or baby. HOWEVER, that is only what my OB told me and I have heard no other opinions. I am only 17 wks and not feeling any movement yet, so I cannot comment on whether that is cause for concern.

Good luck!

Hi Theresa,

I had an ultrasound on Monday and she is doing really well. Ever since then she has been moving around a lot more than she previously was, so maybe it was just a short term thing. I also asked the doctor if the lows hurt her and he said no so that put my mind at ease a little.  I am 21 weeks now and I started feeling her around 17 so hopefully you will soon too! Now my main concern has moved on to my high blood pressure and I hope that does not hurt her, I am supposed to go on medicine in 2 weeks for that but I am going to call to find out if I should not wait that long. So many worries! I'll be glad when she's born! Good luck to you too!