Running with a Pump

Hi! I’ve had diabetes for six years now and last summer I took up running. I use the tummietote bands but they always end up riding up when I run and I have to stop and fix it. I’ve tried to clip my pump onto my leggings and onto my sports bra bt they don’t work either :open_mouth:
Does anyone have any ideas for carrying a pump when running?? Thanks!!

hi @pacem42 I find that keeping the pump on my waist, using the pump belt clip, keeps it in a spot that has the least amount of bouncing and so it stays put better than other places. I don’t run as much anymore - it’s too high impact for us older guys, but I do bike and that’s where I put mine.

MM used to have a harness that mounts the pump in the middle of your back, using your shoulders. It’s primary use was for toddlers so they wouldn’t push the buttons, not sure if that helps or not. Keep Running!!! =) good luck.

I use “Nike Lean Waist Pack” and it stays in place really well! You can get it at Kohl’s for about $20 from what I’ve researched.

I am a regular runner and highly recommend a running belt. You can simply type “running belt” into Amazon and get countless results. Here is the one I use regularly: Best of luck!

Hi, I’ve been running for several years and have tried s lot of options for pump storage. I wore a Spi belt for a while, but I didn’t really like it for long runs. For the past several years, I’ve been wearing my pump in the sport top I wear. I have some older Nike ones with a pocket on the back. My favorite one is a Sugoi brand- I wore it in my last half marathon - it has a mesh pocket that stores my pump and a Gu gel in case I get low.
Also, sometimes I wear the Joey sport bra, which has two pockets. I wear that one when the weather is warm because a full sport top can get hot under my running shirt. The Joey bra has zippers, though, which can chafe on long runs unless you use a prep cream type of thing.
This is probably more than you need to know, but good question-- I have wondered what other pump-wearers do :slight_smile: good luck!


Heard a lot of good things about the Roo but I have never used it myself. Seems very non-invasive which is nice. Maybe check out some reviews for it! Great marketing.

Hey -

I am on the untethered regimen where I get 50-75% of my basal from a once daily Lantus shot. As such, I remove my pump when I run (for longer distances like marathons I carry it with me in case I need a bolus). The Lantus prevents me from going into DKA if I have an issue with my pump/site etc. As it’s hot here in the summer (90-100 degrees) not having the pump with me prevents the insulin in the tubing from denaturing in the heat.

I wear a belt that carries a water bottle, Hammer gel packs, dog poop bags etc.; I clip my pump to this.

Thanks for the link to the Roo, Caddy - just ordered one in blue!

I started running over a year ago & have been training for a half marathon recently. Up to this point I found I could get by with just running without my pump for distances up to 3 miles or so with no ill effects to my sugar levels as long as I went into the run with a stable level. With the increase in mileage I found I would need to monitor my sugar levels during these longer runs & would need to wear my pump as well, which would require some form of carrying device as running with items in pockets really stinks for anyone who has tried it:) After many different trials & styles of belts, I landed on using the FlipBelt during my training runs, which have been anywhere from 3 - 10 miles up to this point. It fits very nicely & is very non-invasive. It is a stretchy material & one solid piece as opposed to having a strap or clip, & I can honestly not even tell it is there. I previously had a belt that had a Velcro strap & it would end up coming loose or irritate with rubbing. There are two pockets front & back on this belt(four total). I fit my pump easily in the front & use some plastic baggies for glucose tabs & my meter & store those in the other pockets. Plenty of room to fit anything needed to fuel during your runs & still be able to have your supplies to monitor levels during the run without breaking your stride. It fits everything perfectly & is relatively easy to get to anything I need while still running by slipping out of the pockets(no zippers or straps to undo!). I have never had any issues with anything falling out of the pockets & have been very pleased with this belt! I would highly recommend.