Running with insulin pump

I was wondering what everyone does with their insulin pump when running. I’ve been disconnecting, but my runs are reaching over an hour and I think I should start bringing it. Unfortunately most of my running pants don’t have a large enough pocket for it. I also have a bit of a belly, so I’m not sure how well a running belt would work(I’m worried it will be uncomfortable as my stomach tends to be sensitive or that it will move around). I’ve been looking at hydration vests but would feel a little weird road running with that. Would love feedback on what you do! I have a T-Slim

Hi @rjones27. I used to use a stretchable pouch to carry my ipod or phone in during exercise. The one on this link is bigger than you need for your pump but it will give you an idea. I sometimes tuck it into my cleavage - some sports bras hold them in place better than others.

@rjones27 Hi Rachel, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I’m not a runner, sot I expect many runners on here will give you better advice than I. I’m active is many ways other than runing and have been able to keep my pump on and working - many hours on the bike.

My Tandem t-Slim is small and light weight [much smaller and lighter than a phone], and I’ve found it clips nicely to a waistband, such as my belt-less bike and gym shorts, and can be located just about anywhere on the 360 degree circumference; like you, my belly gets bothered by the pump, so I usually wear it on a side or in the rear. I’ve been with people who use the arm-pouch that Dori @wadawabbit suggested and they didn’t have problems - just make sure that your tubing is sufficient length - and I’d strongly suggest that you run your tubing inside your shirt and down the sleeve - I run my tubing like that when I place an infusion set on my bicep.