Rushed in Middle School

Hello everyone!

I am entering the 6th grade in fall. (Middle School) We only have a 3 minute time period to switch classes. That includes bathroom, getting supplies, and getting to the class on time. But I am nervous that I wont have time inbetween classes to go to the nurse! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

@DJLandschoot I was just diagnosed with T1D this spring, while in my sophomore year of high school. I was also really nervous about going to school and what that meant in terms of having to check your BG levels, or taking insulin, etc. Some of my diabetes educators in the hospital suggested that we contact the school and let them know that I had been diagnosed and that it would require extra care. Long story short, the school was super easy to work with on anything that I might need. For example, I was allowed to check my BG in my classes, say before lunch and after breakfast. This was a major stress relief for me. During lessons the teacher knew that I had to check and everyone continued on like I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Also, if you need to take insulin by shots (which I did since I was still newly diagnosed) I would just sit down at my lunch table with all my friends and do it there. No one else is going to be paying attention anyway. And if you’re not comfortable doing it out in the open, the bathroom works great.

To get to the point, I know how you’re feeling. My best advice would be to have your parents contact the school. There’s even this thing called a 504 plan that I would have your parents and teachers look into. I agree that 3 minutes isn’t enough, but I have a feeling that if you sit down with your parents and go to the school, they will understand and do everything they can to take stress off you and your disease management. Because frankly, you’ll probably know what you’re doing better than most school nurses anyway.

Hope this helped!

Dont worry about that, honestly if you need to go then go. Its a diabetic perk, you can go to the nurse whenever, and the teachers let you. If you talk to the teacher you have before lunch, they will let you go to the nurse 3-5 minutes early. And honestly, it is easier to carry around your school supplies and visit your locker before and after school, and before and after lunch.

Thanks for the support!
My mom and I have ordered an extra meter to keep in my locker to test if I have time inbetween classes.

Hi everybody I always go to the nurses office for a snack and for lunch. I also go if I fell sick, shaky , or high blood sugar.