Sad school story

every1 is happy to get out of school but i kinda want to stay and then never want to go back this was my best year and will miss my old school cuz moving on to the higher schools i was bowling my eyes out today on the last day i just couldnt hold it back and i didnt care how much the boys made fun of me cuz i wasnt the only one  crying plus at least 2 boys in my class were crying too and a teacher said that some boys on the bus put their  heads down and started it was too good of a year to say good bye i will miss alll staff at that place i will still go back to say hi but it will never b the same ever and for ever 

yeah same here! i'm gonna miss all my teachers, even the crazy ones and mean ones, but i still have next year at my schooll!

ya and i do feel better that i know some people  in next year and like my mom says there r many last but more first

it just doesn't even feel like school is over!! this year went by so fast i can't even believe it!!

i know its soooo sad : (

my teacer in the third grade was sooooooooooooooooooooooo  mean to me

It will be fine, it does take time to adjust, though

ya it does take time but i usually adjust quickly so its not rly a prob 4 me but im srry idk how to help