San Antonio Texas

Hi All!

I am currently starting a program in San Antonio Texas aimed at Type 1 Diabetics. I am currently looking for type 1 diabetics over the age of 16. If you are interested in getting involved please contact me at for more information



whats this program all about? do you have to be like, near. I live i n WI but lemme know what its about, and ill see what i can do

I am organizing a program where current diabetics go to local hospitals and make visits with newly diagnosed patients. I am looking for current diabetics ages 16 and older to take part in the program. By visiting the newly diabetics our goal is to offer them company while hospitalized. We will not be going in there to teach them about diabetes or talk about it because they will have plenty of people already doing so. We will play games with them, keep them company and talk about diabetes if they feel like doing so. We will be showing them that it will be ok. Because I have limited resources I am only looking for people in the San Antonio Texas area. However, you can start your own program in WI! To get started let your current doctor know that if there are ever any newly diagnosed patients you are more then willing to go visit  them! It's a great way to start!Again if you have any questions please feel free to email me at




and that's for people who live in texas?