Anyone else hate sand? I've often wondered if its because I have diabetic feet :D (I guess my feets' pancreas went out, too) but I can't stand to walk on sand. My friends make fun of me for it lol because they don't agree with my claim that it hurts, but I'm curious to hear what you all think :D

ew, yea. it feels all grainy and sick! it kind of reminds me of mashed potatoes

The few times that I have gone near sand I have hated it. It does feel weird. I can hardly walk on sand because it hurts. So yea ur not the only one,

I wonder if its just our D-feet?

^they're oh so sensitive xD

Haha no I love the beach and sand! Except when it gets in my infusion site. But that's interesting that so many people don't like it on their feet.

haha i love the sand too! thats funny though...i don't think it has to do with our diabetes though!

I love walking on sand. It's a little difficult at times because it's so loose, but I love the feeling. Especially when it's a little wet and the water just barely covers your feet. I like sinking, too. (=



Sorry Alyssa - I love it.  I love the ocean water too.  It's all very theraputic for me - mentally.  Some say I'm still mental but just think what I'd be without the beach!

Great, so I've just got weird feet :( I dunno. I love going to the ocean, but the sand just hurts me feet. Maybe its WA sand LOL

I just don't understand how it hurts your feet...except for the hot weather other than that the sad is great!!!

no, its like... it just pokes and irritates me!

I like the feeling of sand and haven't experienced any discomfort from it. I just worry about getting cuts, scrapes from those hidden sharp objects, like shells that are broken in the sand. I usually just wear a pair of sandals just in case. I'm going to Myrtle Beach, Sc in August so I'll try to pay attention to see if my feet are bothered by it. Hopefully I remember to post my thoughts, lol.

oh have fun there!

So I practiced walking on sand today lol. But it turned into a reinactment of Peter Pan.. not a pretty one either :D

Thank You, Savs.

i havent been bothered by sand, except the dirtyness left on my feet after. as its the first year bieng officially diagnosed though, ill pay attention.

I don't normally mind it unless it's hot or too course.  But then it makes my feet feel really gross and gritty, so I avoid it.  I just like clean feet (in a bit of an obsessive way, but whatever)

I actually really enjoy walking on sand. However, I have not walked on any sand since my diagnosis. I'll have to check that sometime soon...

It doesn't really bother me. My feet are really tough (I run around barefoot alot). I think the sand feels good especially when it's cool. It can be a pain though especially when it get's in your infusion site or on your pump. I guess sand has it's moments like all of us. lol.