Everyday feels the same, like im going insane,trying to stay in this game, and no one knows, what i dare not show, and no matter where i go, you are there, showing you don’t care, making me brake, but im not that weak, cuz my pain don’t turn to misery, every time you elude me, i wont fall, and you WONT HAVE IT ALL, dont tell me its ok, you are such a fake, dont know which child to take, and no one knows, what you dare not show, and im there pinned down, fighting back, ready to kill you first chance i get, till your gone, and children roam free.

Pinned down. That’s a multi-layered expression.
I agree with this “ready to kill you first chance i get”. I know that feeling. I never asked for it, and I don’t want it.
I want to be done with diabetes.
Thanks for sharing your feelings.