Sarah gets an amazing opportunity to help find a cure!

I just had to share. I received a call today from the lady who is in charge of the Step Out American Diabetes Association walk here in Sacramento. She saw my page and called me to ask if Sarah would llike to sing at the event. She said as registration wraps up and the walkers get ready there will be 20 seconds of silence, and then Sarah will sing for the crowd! She is so excited. This is not only a great opportunity for her to get out there and show people what she can do, but she's putting a face to diabetes in a big way. I'm just so darn proud of her.

Here's the link to my page, in case anyone is interesting in seeing it, or if you're in Northern CA - we'd love you to walk with us!

allsome last time i did something like that well it a long story.

congratulations! that's fantastic to hear. for my senior solo in high school i sang the children's congress song "promise to remember me." definitely a fantastic opportunity for her! good luck to her :o)

Hooray for Sarah! I hope she has a lot of fun.