Save research, save lives!

Now is not the time to eliminate ground breaking scientific research.

As you may be aware, Minnesota legislature is currently considering some of the most dangerous legislation we have seen designed to halt one key area of diabetes research.  The legislation seeks to criminalize and defund the research and the scientists doing it, which will lead to them leaving the state, taking resources, leadership and jobs. Scientists and doctors around the globe believe that stem cell research has life-saving and life-enhancing potential.  Progress in this area of research could cure diseases like type 1 diabetes, cancer, paralysis, and spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other devastating conditions.

Therapeutic Cloning is not REPRODUCTIVE CLONING.
  No one in this debate is in favor of reproductive cloning.

Therapeutic cloning, known as SCNT – somatic cell nuclear transplant, takes an unfertilized egg and adds DNA from a patient to create a stem cell line.  These stem cells can be used to replace damaged tissues or cells, including islet (insulin) cells.  The cell line is compatible with the patient making it potentially more affective and free of rejection risks.

JDRF does not support reproductive cloning, which seeks to replicate an entire organism (like Dolly).  Therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning are not identical. A law in Minnsota already addresses a ban on human reproductive cloning.  However, these bills seek to tie them together.

To help the legislature know the differences in these types of research and to save the practice of therapeutic SCNT research in Minnesota a press conference is being held to your chance to show support of scientific research and therapeutic cloning which is helping to find cures and treatments for diabetes.  We need your voice to help convey the importance of this research.

The Save Research, Save Lives event will be held:
Thursday, March 31
State Office Building (across the street from the Capitol) - Room 181

See below for more information on the legislation and the event:
The Bills:  SF 760 Health and Human Services Omnibus bill (
   section 25.145.4221) and SF 924 Omnibus higher education (
   section 10.145.4221)
SCNT research:  You can visit JDRF’s Web site to learn more
Use this link to learn about Parking at the Capital complex