Scar tissue from MDI?

It occurred to me that I've never asked another T1 about this.  When I was on MDI, I very frequently did my shots on the outsides of my upper arms.  This was suggested as a good spot when I was diagnosed back in the 80's, and it tended to be the most accessible place, as well, for me.  Well, years of injections have turned the muscles pretty hard, and I can tell that my arms have gotten bigger in proportion to the rest of me.  Not ridiculously bigger, but I can tell, you know? 

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a lot of scar tissue build-up like this, and if there was anything that can be done about it.

I also have scar tissue.  EVERYWHERE.  30+ years of injections have put me right there.  My doctor and I have discussed this at length and neither of us is sure what to do about it.  As far as he knows there is no way around it.  I have unpredictable uptake of insulin because of it.  I also have considerable insulin resistance.  I have not seen any studies on long term T1s and scar tissue. 

I have scar tissue in the crease of both of my arms but not from MDI, I got this scar tissue from basically growing up in the hospital and constantly being on an IV. When I go to get blood drawn they have to use my hands or wrists. I was told there wasn't anything I could do to change it.

When I was a teenager I was a big fan of using my arms too.  I developed bumps as well and as I got bigger and grew I rotated between my stomach and thighs until the bumps on my arms went away. 

I have been doing injections for 40+ years. My arms at one point were my favorite spot and got bumps on them like I think you’re talking about. I quit doing arms and it eventually went away. Went through the same on my stomach. So stopped there. Then legs were my favorite and now I have big bumps on both of them.

From my experience I would say if you abandon that area for a while they will go back to normal

I’m going to stop doing legs now for a while.

I do rotate sites, but not as often as I should evidently.