Scar tissue

Has anyone had an issue around scar tissue?  I've been on a Minimed pump for about ten years now, and they suggested it as a possible reason for unexplained highs.

Absolutely. I sometimes hit it and have blood come back up into the set/tubing if I don't feel it right away.

Yep, I've had scar tissue problems before. I had a lot when I was still on injections and it would cause a pretty good variation in how the insulin absorbed between my legs which were full of scar tissue and my arms. I would normally refuse to let my parents put my shots in my arms so they never really got scar tissue. You've probably heard this one before, but it actually does help some to rotate sites and use as many sites as you can stomach, legs, arms, upper hips...everywhere even if it is super annoying...Good luck =)

Did shots for 25 years and never had scar tissue, but after about 7 years on the pump I had sites that wouldn't absorb well.  I had used my stomach exclusively and had to force myself to branch out to upper thighs, rear end, and arms.  Some people use the lower back too.  

Doctors are quick to site scar tissue, but when I've let overused skin that's not absorbing well rest from the pump it recovers pretty quickly, within a few months.  So it's not like a typical scar that mars skin for life.  

Yes!!! I have been trying to figure out a solution.

Rotating sites is one solution to the issue of scar tissue getting in the way of insulin absorption.  Another one is to change the type of infusion set you are using about every 3-4 years.  Not only does this give you the chance to try out other angles and lengths in your sets (finding one that is more comfortable than another is sometimes a great way to "take a bit of a break" from constantly poking ourselves) also lets the tissue heal from being damaged by insertions of needles constantly.  These are the two things that I have found have helped me with not having those times that I insert a set and then have to change the site due to continual high readings afterwards.

I have found, however, now that I am 100 lbs lighter, my arms and legs are not good sites for me to use.  They were originally, but right now they seem to not have enough fatty tissue to accept the insulin properly.  So my endocrinologist has suggested I just use my stomach and hips as much as possible.  You would be surprised just how much space is in those two areas if you are careful to keep track of the last placement spot used.  So I log the approx location something like RS-1 1/2" for 1-1/2" from belly button on right side of stomach.  I also note if I am even with my belly button or below.  You can go clear out to about 3" from your side in the abdomen and also quite a large area on the lower hip/back area.  Good luck--cause having to change out a set within a few hours of poking myself the first time is such a bummer, right?  :)

the rating has helped me. i now use my upper thighs but the back of my arm is hard and it tends to easily get removed. has any females ever used there breast?