Scare Tissue?


I think I might have scare tissue on my legs and stomach from giving to many injections in the same area:((  It feels like there are little lumps under my skin...have any of u guys ever had scare tissue from giving to many injections in the same area? If so how long does it take to go away??          


I have some on my stomach, its been there for a while tho :/

o that sucks! so can u absorb insulin your stomach??

Mine have pretty much been stuck there for a while. So the insulin absorbs normally, I'd try to look for other spots. Hope you find ones. (:

Little bumps from injections can be scar tissue, which I have. But bigger bumps are fat pockets under your skin from injecting in the same place, which I unfortunately also have. I'm on the pump so I've started rotating my sites a lot more than usual, using the side of my stomach just above my hip bone. Scar creams like Mederma can help correct the uneven skin tone and sometimes it helps soften that skin.