Scared to death

Scared to death about my dad. Ever since I got diabetes. he has had a ruff time with his health and I feel like its my fault. If he doesn't get things figured out he could of a stroke and I can't handle that. My dad's everytihng to me. He has made me who I am.. In i don't know what to do to help/.

his health is not your fault. something like a stroke is typically caused by diet and exercise, as well as genetic components. stress can play a role in health, but i think your illnesses are coincidental. and, with proper care, people can recover from strokes. rather than feeling guilty for your dad's misfortune, this can be an opportunity for you and him (and the rest of your family) to be healthy together. you can all make diet and exercise habit changes as well as do fun activities together to manage stress. this will not only help him improve his health, but can help you control your diabetes as well.

good luck to you and your family, hannah. look at this an opportunity to become closer together. you can help each other.

I am so sorry that your dad isn't doing well!  I just lost my mom a year ago and I know how hard it can be when a parent is sick, but just know this.  Its not your fault and I promise he doesn't think so either.  My 4 year old daughter has diabetes and it is very hard on a parent, mostly because they love you so much and don't want to ever see their child sick.  He isn't sick because of you, it's because he's sick.  Just give your dad the love he's given you all these years and that may not make him better but it will make you feel better.  If you ever need someone to talk to friend me.

So sorry to hear that. How is he now.

My dad also has diabetes and so am I. Just be careful from now on with what you eat. Consult the doctor regularly. My dad is also in dialysis twice a weak. Just pray for your father's health unceasingly.