Scary Stories

anyone have any personal scary stories they would like to share.... just wondering

A scary story that I have is from when I was younger and lived in a different city. This one night my family was sitting in the famly room watching a movie when we heard sirens screaching just outside of our house. None of us knew what was going on so we decided to just stay inside although out of peoples curiosity we took a peak out the window. The police were at our neighbour's house that was just two doors down. The commotion didn't last long and the street was quiet again. We all went to bed eager to ask our neighbour's about what had happened. The next day we found out that a person was at their window staring in but ran away before the police could catch him. What we thought was a safe neighbourhood kept us up all night wondering about our safety. Then a few years later one of my friends told me almost the exact same story although this time it was at her house. I thhought that this was scary especially since we never knew what the person was doing or what he was planning on doing.

wow....thats crazy