Scary to sleep

I am always scared to go to sleep at night. I am not scared of highs or pump maulfunctions. Its lows. I am just so scared that by bg is going to drop and I won't wake up. I have had the cg moniter but it didn't work for me. I am always thinking I am going to get low so I eat or drink some carbs when I am not low and end up being high all night. Its horrible! Anyone have the same problem?

One thing that has helped me is setting an alarm to test my blood sugar throughout the night. When I was younger my mom would set her alarm, come in and test me; as I get older, I'm the one doing the alarm-setting, testing, text Mom my blood sugar, etc. over night. But it really does help to build up confidence over time, like showing yourself that your blood sugar will be OK overnight by checking just in case. I'm hoping this makes sense! Then, once all your blood sugars are ironed out, try sleeping through the night a few times; it'll be all ironed out and you won't have to be worried about it overnight. Good luck!