School and Diabetes

So I am in 8th. When i was in 5th-7th,I had this friend her name was Katelynn. I end of 6th she told me that she was moving and i was sad that she was moving. And the summer that i was going into 8th she said that she was going to come to michigan and i could see her. But than she e-mailed me and said that she was not comeingto michigan to see me and i was sad again.

And Now my BFF is going to move But she is not leaving michigan. And now i dont kown what do because jessica is the one i hang out with the most. So what am i going to do?

i'm graduated from high school and i was diagnosed in 7th  grade. i had the same issues. i many close friends in 7th grade until i was diagnosed with diabetes. after that, nobody would hang around me. i lived in texas at the time. at the end of 8th grade, i moved up to iowa where i live now. i had some friends here and there until i got a real close friend. anyways, he became like a brother to me, but around my junior year, we started fighting and we hated eachother all of my junior year (he was a year older), when i was a senior he went to college (still hated eachother. he and i hadnt said a word for almost two years, just until about a month ago. he and i hung out and we talk more now that we are both older.


what i'm saying is that time will heal wounds as well as open up new ones. you will make friends and hang out with other people and find other things in life that you will enjoy without the presence of your best friend. it may not seem like it now, but you will find things that will make you happy. think of the other persons feelings as well. maybe they will be upset that the two of you can't hang out anymore. it can be hard on both of you. but if you guys stay in contact with eachother, i am willing to bet all will be fine

Thanks Jake i hope things will work out

Middle school is definitely a hard time.  I think you develop your first really close friends and important relationships then.   My best friend moved away in Middle School too and I remember feeling like my heart was absolutely broken and that I would never recover.   You do recover and you go through new heartbreak.... It is kind of how life is.  But next year you will be in high school and that will be totally different and I am sure you will make a bunch of new friends too.   Hang in there.  At least with email and facebook, the world is much smaller now.  I used to have to send letters through the mail to my friends who lived in far off places... :)

i do have one BFF since 4th kelli

We are moving this week from lower michigan to upper michigan and my son is having issues with it as well... i dont know if he jsut feels that the kids from down here were there when he was diagnosed so they are understanding and used to it and the new kids might think he is weird.

we have talked to the school in the U.P. and they have had a child in the past with diabetes... but from the way i understood it.. brandyn will bethe only one. so im a little nervous too i guess. i just try to tell him he is unique and a real friend wouldnt judge you based on diabetes.

 Lol, I had to move from MN to NC, My best friend is still in MN! Jessica will still be able to see you, you are bffs! You will pull thru. (My bfff, other thatn you lol).

lol i kown i will

when i was first diagnosed when i was 10, my parents had just gotten divoreced and my dad remarried. Since they were divorced we had to move. i still went to the same school but since my mom didn't have a lot of money we moved from place to place over 3 years and the last time we moved, i couldn't go to the same school and had to start public school (i was in private before [catholic]) and i found out wile i was on vaca in florida w my dad. i told my frends wile i was der. needless to say we all said we would still talk.... a few months later never saw them again. haven't since 6th grade