School and diabetes

im starting high school, going to a new school with a lot of new kids and im usually uncomfortable telling people that i have diabetes because i don't know how they will react. as in treating me different or thinking im wierd . got any tips on how i could be comfortable telling other people ?

hey dont feel uncomfotable with it

Just think of famus celebs wh oave it  and let me know if u want a list i could give you a list

its just your different and thats all if they are goona think you are wierd than et them, b/c diaetes makes u more responsible

and if YOU are uncomfortable, with it just talk to your teacher abpout it.

and if ur a teen feel free to add me

yeah i know exactly how you feel I was a freshman last year and i was going to a completely new school and I only knew a couple other people who were going to the same school. It seems overwhelming...but i know from experience that its really not bad at all. If I met someone new, I didn't just come right out and tell them I was diabetic. (I figured it would be kinda awkward) So if something came up where i had to check my blood or have a snack or something then I told them that I was diabetic and in my experience it really wasn't a big deal. And if for some reason someone you meet does have a problem with it...well, in that case is that someone you really want to spend time with? Probably not. So just focus on having fun and meeting new people! The rest always seems to work itself out.

If you haven't met with the nurse yet I would definitly suggest doing that. It makes it so much easier when the nurse knows what you normally do in all the situations that might come up. I met with my highschool nurse on registration day and we agreed on procedures and stuff and evrything turned out just the way I wanted. My nurse is really nice and she lets me be independent which is really important to me.  

Also, I would make sure all your teachers know your diabetic. It helps when you need to leave class to go to the nurse or something. 

I'm starting my sophmore year on the 25th with a great group of friends who understand diabetes and are always there for me, and with a nurse who knows that I can do my own thing so she lets me take care of myself unless I ask for something. Things worked out great for me and I hope they work out well for you too. Have fun! Your freshmen year of highschool only comes around once so make the most of it. All the diabetes stuff will find a way of working itself out. GOOD LUCK!

I would first have your parents (or you) email/meet with your teachers and tell them you have it, maybe a little about diabetes and that you might have to leave class or eat in class, etc. Definitely also meet with the nurse or whoever handles those sorts of things to find out what they'd like you to do as for bg testing etc. (though you definitely don't have to follow those rules. if you need something that your school won't give you, meet with the special education director and set up a 504 plan... i did and now I'm supposed to be allowed to test wherever)

As for telling people. I'm not really sure as I just go along and say oh yeah I have diabetes... Plus most of the people I'm friends with I've known for a while. I would find some kids who you think you could be friends with and talk and whatever, maybe at lunch pull out your meter or pump and if someone asks, tell... Otherwise you could wait until something comes up where you could introduce yourself as having diabetes.

I know how you feel about being treated different... All I have to say is that you'll have to find some friends who can accept you for who you are. Sadly there are kids who think (and I've been lucky in this respect, as I've not come across a lot of these) that you're weird for having diabetes, that it's contagious, that you're going to die from it, etc. You could try to educate them on it, it depends on how far you're willing to go... You could set up a whole diabetes question and answer session if you wanted to. You could also ask around at the new school and find out if there are other kids with diabetes, and ask them how they deal with it, since every school is different.

brenna brenna brenna have u told anyone? trust me its not a big deal ive told almost every single class that i'm a diabetic and so far NO ONE CARES! Theyre all to wrapped up in themselves to care about you. Trust me it's just easier without keeping secrets! love u!

im going into a new school too :) high school, and its a big one.

not everyone needs to know you have diabetes, just your close friends and teachers of course.

dont be ashamed, diabetes makes you diffurent from other people and thats a good thing right :P?

so heres a tip.

maybe get their phone number and text them or call the person and tell them over the phone, or maybe go to a quite place and just tell the person if their really your friend they'll feel bad and stick by your side :)

by the way, if your so called friends are treating you diffurently because you have diabetes then really their not very good friends.


hailey :)

Hey Brenna! Im also a freshman this year but IM even MORE nervouse cause I have never gone to public school before! I always went to a private school! And having diabetes isnt making it easier but Im still keeping my head up. :D I've had to tell sooooo many people that I have diabetes and have to explain it all to them. Heres a great, easy way to do it: If your making new friends and hanging out and stuff and someone offers you something to eat just say "oh thanks but I have to do something first!" then just nonchalantly take out your meter and check your blood sugar in front of them. this way you dont have to explain if you dont want too and if they want to know why u r doing that just say "oh i have diabetes" if they want to know more then they will ask. then just tell them ur story and what you have to do. but if they dont ask then they prolly dont care and will just be your friend anyway because REALLY, having diabetes isnt that weird and doesnt really make you different. :) it doesnt change who you are or your perspnality or how well you make friends. its really their prob if they are too full of themselves to be your friend because of your diabetes. And besides, im sure most everyone will be really nice about it! :D good luck!

i am so nervous about starting high school.  worst of all is that at middle school i had a really good reputation on following rules and finishing homework and pretty much everything that all the teachers knew about because i dont know and know im going into high school and i will be wearing the cgm and when it alarms, i wont have that reputation that has built up over the years so i might get in trouble and the teacher might not understand and yeah.