School and Diabetes

Have you ever tried to talk to someone about diabetes and theyve said something really insulting or rude? For me it was when i said i got a low and had a seizure and how scary it was for me. One of the girls then said "I want to see your seizure right now. Thats so funny!" now every time I say Im low a few of the girls in my class start chanting "seizure seizure!" they think its hilarious. What should i do? (ps. ive already tried asking them to stop.)

Anna my heart goes out to you.  I’ve been through school a while now so I don’t know exactly what you should do – but I do know one thing about human nature, and if these girls know it doesn’t bother you they’ll stop when they get tired.    One thing for sure is they are not your friends, and not very nice at all.  Hope you are okay


I was diagnosed the week that I was supposed to start kindergarten so I've had diabetes for my entire school career. I've heard it all from everyone but the one that will always stick with me happened in first grade when a girl who was known as the school bully told me that I shouldn't be in school cuz someone might catch diabetes from me. All you can really do is ignore it. You could always try to go to a teacher or some sort of authority figure about it. At the same time depending on the type of girls these are that might only make things worse. People are just ignorant and immature and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it.


I'm really sorry people treat you like this.  The worst I have gotten is people making fun of my pump or calling it a gameboy or something like that.  If I were in your shoes I would probably not have had the best reaction to these girls.  This is a very personal attack which they may not understand.  I don't know what grade you are in but if it isn't preschool these girls need to grow up.  In my mind there are three ways to handle this...

1) Ignore it (personally I would not be able to do this)

2) Tell them they need to grow up that you aren't 4 anymore. (This probably would be my initial reaction)

3) Talk to them (this is what I suggest)  Tell them they have no idea what it is like to deal with this disease everyday and hopefully they never have to learn.  Tell them this is beyond simply joking or making fun...this is a very personal attack.  Try to make them understand if they were in your shoes and felt the way you do living with this disease every single day of your life they might have a little more respect for people that are different.

Diabetics are strong...we deal with problems no one should ever have to deal with and most people we know will never understand what it is really like to be diabetic.  Stay strong hunny, people don't always act like this. :) GOOD LUCK

I'd advise finding new friends..true friends wouldn't tease and insult you in this manner. My son's 13 and his "REAL" friends are there for him. He has nothing to do with those people.

And unless you are so low you need someone to help you, I wouldn't tell these people you are low. Just take care of it and move on.

look them straaight inthe the eye and say "grow up" or "get a life".

That usually helps if i cant get rid of someone