School and Social Life

I’m in my 8th grade year and will be a freshman in highschool next August. I am really struggling to keep my T1D under control and manage my school and social life. Does it get easier as a person gets older? I’m 13 and have been T1D since I was 6. Shouldn’t I be used to it already?

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Hi Amanda @AAT1D, you are asking an interesting question and I had to pause and think for a few moments - thanks for asking and a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation - I see you just joined this afternoon.
I’ve had diabetes for more than 60 years and was diagnosed on my 16th birthday - and for me, managing my diabetes has gotten easier - although management has become way more complex. That may sound like a contradiction si let me explain.
For the first 30 years I had diabetes there wasn’t anything like our current day glucose meters, insulin pumps or pens - I had a vial of long-lasting insulin, a glass syringe and [a large] stainless steel needle and blood tests took a couple of days and were only done for annual doctor visit - so managing diabetes was HORRIBLE and full of complications.

Now I use a CGM, a pump and real good, pure insulin and although in a way these wonderful tools make life more complex, they are also very “freeing” - they have made living a long life much, much easier.
Now to answer your last question: I may never get used to diabetes because it keeps changing in me - for instance the amount of insulin I need changes often - so I’ve accepted this as part of life and just swing along. Diabetes may always be a challenge for you but over time you will just take every day as it comes and managing your diabetes will become a part of you and in that way it will be easier.
I hope I didn’t confuse you with my long-winded reply - just keep asking and this my become clearer. My thought is that TypeOne can never be controlled, but we can manage it, and our lives very effectively and well.

Thank you! That gives me some reassurenence. :slight_smile:

Hey, great question. For me, I go through cycles where I’m really attentive and on my game, and then other times where I don’t have quite as much mental energy to devote to diabetes management. Generally speaking, it has gotten easier for me as I’ve gotten more comfortable with what processes work for me. Keep at it, don’t get discouraged. There’s never a time where testing or stepping up your attention to diabetes isn’t a good thing, no matter how “bad” you think you’re doing. Better is always better.

Hi, Amanda, I am in college now and have lived with diabetes since I was 6 too! I definitely have my good streaks and bad streaks, but it’s important to just keep trying. My first year of college, my a1c definitely increased, but I kept working at it and it eventually got better. Just know that you are never going to be 100% in control of diabetes, but what is important is that you focus on the positives and the good days. When ever you have a good blood sugar, remember to view that as a victory. Overall, I think managing your diabetes will change as you grow up and it depends on what is happening in your life, but as long as you don’t give up and believe in yourself you will get through.

Get smart ! Get disciplined, everyone who has serious complications problems probably has discipline problems, check your sugar as many times as you need until you get it right , I’ve had type on one a insulin pump since I was 14 and now I’m 52 , no complications, not one went to the eye doctors last week, couldn’t tell I ever had diabetes, eyes are perfect,! Don’t get me wrong I thank God for the gift of discipline ! It comes handy it also has made me stay married 32 years , retire at the age of 50 , traveling the world and have a amazing life ! If you don’t have discipline pray for it ! It definitely one of Gods greatest gifts and you will be able to get control of your diabetes !!!

I have had a couple of tough times in my early teens (I’m 15). I think puberty has a lot to do with it. I try not to get down on myself and just vow to do better tomorrow. Keep at it.