School Bus Supervision

My son will start kindergarten in September and we're really excited to work with the nurse at the school, but she informed us that the district contracts out for busing.  The bus will obviously have a driver, but there is no aid or anyone else to supervise the kids.  I'm nervous sending him on the bus at 8 AM and 3 PM even though the ride is only 20 minutes.  Any suggestions?

Talk to the bus driver and have your child sit in the front where the driver can see him.  If you know a teenager who would sit with him that would be good.

I would put in your 504 plan that your childs blood sugar must be tested before he gets on the bus to go home.  Give guidelines for them to follow, to make sure that his sugar is in a safe range.  I also like the sit in the front of the bus idea.  Good luck!

I have it in my 504 plan that they must check Courtney before getting on the bus and give her a small snack if she is under 100. She has about a 25 minute bus ride so i don't mind if she runs a bit higher while on the bus. I do make sure I check her again as soon as she gets home just to be safe. I also have a juice box in her back pack at all times and the bus driver knows that if she is drinking it it is only because she is low. The driver is also trained on using Glucagon, which also in her back pack at all times. Most of the time she does sit directly behind the driver by her own choice, but I assume as she gets older that may change. The first year went off without any problems and I am not nervous at all. Good luck!