School Days, School Days, Dear Ole Golden Rule Days!

Well.......I am down to the last day of summer vacation and it's back to school for me on Monday, August 23rd!  So, to all of the current teachers out there.........Welcome Back!!!  I have two days of inservice and the students start on Wednesday!!   It has been a fabulous summer and this is actually the first time that I am not mentally ready to go back....My classroom is prepared and I have everything ready to go, but I have had such an awesome summer that I don't really want to see it end!  My youngest is starting Kindergarten, and my oldest is going into 2nd grade!  So, we're all back to school!  Here's to a great year!  Good Luck EVERYONE!!!

Angela, I am glad I am not going back. I taught 34 years and had a lot of overload every semester after our sons were born. I taught a lot every summer too. My wife did not have a college education and I was the only wage earner. We knew I had to make as much as possible in order to send our boys to college. For my last several years I was burned-out. I retired in 1997 and taught part time until 2004. Both boys got their masters at Georgia Tech, and we were out of debt in 2004. I NEVER want to teach again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

I hope all of you guys and gals have a wonderful year. Take the summers off so you can rest. I don't want you to burn-out like I did!

Ahhhh  Richard.....To be a retiree!!!  I only have about 22 years or so to go.............I had a great summer......Not burnt out yet.....Hopefully not for a while:)

How's your school year going? This is the first time in 5 years I didn't start one, and I'm feeling disoriented! I don't have any clients yet at my new job, but I hope to have some by early Oct, so I feel like I'm doing something! But, it's amazing not having to worry about beginning of year stress, planning for back to school night, etc etc...

My son starts preschool this coming Monday, so luckily I am worrying about him, but I don't have to worry about my school year now. (:

My year is going so far, so good.  It was a bad two days of inservice....but the day the kids started, turned my frown upside down!  It's all about them!  I love my job of teaching.....I just get so upset about all the other stuff that we have to deal with.....the paperwork, decisions, etc......Back to School night was a little bit of a disappointment....not many parents attended.  I wish you and your son the best of luck with starting preschool on Monday!  Try not to worry too much, I am sure he will love it!  I  know both of my girls did!  They were really sad to see it end! 

How is everyone else's year going so far???  Even if you are no longer teaching.....(Richard)!!

Angela, and Sarah,

I'm justa sittin here and grinnin ear to ear,

Happy my teachin years are oer,

That my money worries are no more,

Here in my recliner, cozy as can be,

Lovin my life, happy and carefree.

I have fond memories of my teacnin and such,

But do I miss it? No! Not very much!!!


OK Richard.....enough of the rubbing it in!!!  At this time in my teaching career, I am not quite ready for the recliner yet.....I still have some minds to influence!  You just keep enjoying your lazy days...being all cozy!  That will be me one day!!

You are right Angela, I shouldn't rub it in.

I am 71 years old today (Sept 10). I wonder if I could still stand before a class and teach effectively??? LOL!

happy birthday!

Richard, you should rub it in.....I was just joking!  You deserve the time to be cozy and relax!!! Happy Birthday!!!!  Hope you had a great day!

You are a healthy man....I am sure you could still get up there and teach effectively!!!

Hi Angela, thanks for the vote of confidence. Lol!