hows school for you guys living with diabetes??

1.) what do your friends say?

2.) do u carry ur meter around?

3.) do u eat the hot lunch (and do they have carb menus?)

4.) friends with diabetes?

id jus like to see how different our lives are.(:

My friends are use to it now some of them sometimes forget I have Diabetes !I always carry my meter around ( well most of the time) I carry a purse with my meter and juice and Dex4 also my insullin pens just in case . Also like my cell and ipoid ect .My school dosent have a carb menus.Does yours?I just got really good at carb counting . I go to diabetes camp  so I might alot of people obiously with diabtes .But in the town I live in most of  my friends from camp live here 2

same here!!!..i carry a purse too..meter, wallet, gum, tabs...etc. my school duznt either!!!!!!..it buggs me cuz we dnt have that long of a lunch period so i jus bring a roast beef sandwhich everyday =P..sumtimes ham tho! lol. diabetes camp sounds like a good idea..i mite look into that...

Hahah roast beef is so good haha Yeah defintaly look into diabtes camp it's so much fun and you really learn alot from everyone there .Yeah I hate how they don't have the carbs the only good thing about my caf is all the pop we have is Diet so I can drink it ! My friends always laugh at me because I  have so many purses but i just say well i always need one so why not a good looking one :)

my friends dont think its that big of a deal...they have some weird questions sometimes, but theyre pretty cool about it. i dont carry my meter around, but i do take it to lunch with me. and as for the hot lunch.....my schools food is disgusting, so i only buy the pizza every month or so. i have the minimed pump though, so i could still eat it if i wanted to-i would just have to estimate the carbs. i dont have any diabetics at my school, im the first in 80 years there. its kinda a good and bad thing. the teachers are ALWAYS making sure im ok, but its cool because i can brag to my friends that the most unique person there. they ignore me lol

Thats so cool the first in 80 years! wow there are so many diabetics at my school 4 in my grade alone!

Thats so cool the first in 80 years! wow there are so many diabetics at my school 4 in my grade alone!

ya my friends ask stupid ?'s too!!!(: lol..my school's food is alirght...but im kinda nervous about the whole guessing thing =/. goodness! 80 years??! jeez..i have 2 other kids in my school with it..a boy sophmore and a girl 6th grader. lol!!...teachers are the same way with me b/c the boy in our school is kinda a bad diabetic..so there always makin sure im on top of things =D

My school they are really slack about it but my mom made " emergency plans" for all my teachers which is so embarssing  because it has my pic on it so all of my teachers no what to do but they mostly just make me take a buddy where ever im going

My friends actually are very supportive of diabetes and always help me. sometimes if i forget to test because my thoughts are racing, they remind me to test. i carry around a purse which contains glucose tabs, my meter, extra pump supplies(including insulin), a few syringes, extra batteries, and a carb book for when i buy hot lunch. my school doesnt have carb menus which i feel makes my life more difficult. i know carb amounts for food but my school doesnt measure things. I have friends with diabetes but i met them at diabetes camp. it is the most amazing place of earth, in my opinion it is heaven. Diabetes camp has changed my life for the better and i look forward to each summer now. Also i have diabetic friends from another amazing place...JUVENATION.

oh jeez that sounds like it wud suck nikki!...):

My friends are SO supportive. they go to all diabetes walks come to my camp on intake day and remind me to test and bolus. they even tested with me once! i always carry my meter because i go low a lot in school and i am in 500 clubs and spring track. i eat hot lunch and i bring my calorie king book to look up food. it might be a little off though :P. i know people with diabetes. one i do not like at all and the other is nice and one of my camp councelors lives in my town but dosent go to my high school. i love high school!!!!

mine are supportive too!...they like pokin me and quote: "slurppin up the blood"...ik it sounds gross. but its when the test stripp "sucks up" the blood.

lol they like to do that =D

Hahah thats so cute tho "slurppin up the blood" wish my friends said stuff like that ! haha

1.) my friends are pretty cool about it now , but when they first found out they were like craaazy . aha .

2.) no (: im a bad girl aha . i dont carry it to classes , but if i have specials that day like music , i take it with me .

3.) i eat hot lunch some of the time . not a lot . and no they dont have menus , i estimate how much is in the foods .

4.) i have a few friends with diabetes but none that go to my school .

1.) my friend are cool about me having diabetes. And now my boyfriend kown that I have diabetes he says that it does not change the way he feels about me

2.) like Bri marie i used to carry it with me but I did not do that in 7th and 8th grade but now I just put in in my bag that I take to school. But I also dont have anything like a juice and anything with me if i go low.

3.) I take my luch to school my mom will not let me eat Hot lunch there because I dont like the food and because they dont have menus.

4.) I have one other friend that i meet on CWD and we have not meet yet. And I have friends on Juvenation.