School lunch!

Even though i have had diabetes for a little over 2 years i still have problems with calculating carbs. Does anybody have any tips for calculating school lunch? I have an insulin pump but it is still really difficult and in high school no one is willing to be helpful.

i would appreicate anything u guys have to say.


Have you or your parents asked to meet with the head of the lunch program?  When I was first diagnosed my parents and I sat down with the head of the program at my school (I was at a jr/sr high school, so it was the same kitchen) and went over the options that they could do for me.  He also gave me a paper with most of the carb counts for the food items that they serve, which I carried in my kit so I could bolus more effectively.


Carry the "Calorie King Guide to Calories, Fat and Carbohydrates" book (available for about $10 at Walmart or bookstores) or use their app or Lose It! (free) if you have a smart phone.  Just look up each menu item of the meal and you'll get pretty close.

A lot of carb counting is trial and error.  Most of us eat the same foods often, so figure out the carb counts for those and keep a list in your test kit or backpack.  

I use a carbs control app on my iPhone but the Calorie king is super helpful too. Try talking to the school nurse because mine said he could get me lunch menus from school early with the approximate carbs,  calories etc. its is a requirement for all school lunches to offer nutrition facts

the Calorie King is very helpful especially in resteraunts and public places llike school, so I would suggest that too.

get the calorie king book it can totally help you

You could try contacting the company that supplies food to your school, and getting the carb-counts of the meals from them.

Well, my school provides a lunch nutrition menu in the nurses office. I go there everyday anyway. But I think packing  liunch is better so you can figure out your carbs before or during school. Hope this helps!!!


yeah, packing lunch helps (I do it because I don't like any of the school's gross!) I bring a brown paper bag and I just write the carb number right on the corner of the bag!!

The "calorie King" book is very helpful. However, there are some ways I've seen to estimate closer, like I think a half a cup is supposedly about the size of your palm (like if you picked it up). Also as time goes on, you learn stuff like 3oz of grapes is 15carbs, or 1/2 cup pasta is usually 15carbs, etc.