School problem -help!


My son is 9 was diagnosed in May and has not been in school since that time. He was supposed to start today, but at the last minute the district on call nurse said that he can’t have his phone with the app to read his dexcom 6 info, and that the teachers and nurse can’t be listed as alert receivers due to HIPAA/FERPA laws? I am not happy about this. His district doesn’t have a staff nurse, or even a medically trained person. The office admin was trained on insulin injections and the nurse is on call only. Anyone have any ideas of how to handle this? I tried calling my team but only got voicemails.
We are in Colorado.

hi @bonetje sarah,

is this public school? Public school is required to accommodate your child and “the district doesn’t have a nurse” is not an excuse. You will need a 504 plan, which is a legal document, which the schools is required to follow, and which you will be a huge part of the development of. This document can require them to let your son have the phone and the app and the snacks at his desk, and any accommodations necessary.

PLease check out the ADA advocacy page

please check out the ADA sutdents rights page