School & Sick days

How do people at school react, when you sick because of your diabetes, and have to miss school? and when you get a high or low blood sugar and have to leave class?

The kids at my school think that I fake sick, and they always get mad when I have to miss school when I get sick due to my diabetes and they also get mad when my blood sugar gets high or low and I have to leave class to get a juice or water, or do what ever it is that I have to do to take care of my blood sugar.

it's none of their business, so i wouldn't worry about it :)

i never noticed any of the other kid's reactions when i was sick or had to leave class for a snack.

i think some kids were a bit annoyed with me because when i had to go get juice from my locker wich was just outside the classroom, my teacher would send someone out there with me. i guess thats a good thing but not really nessasary.

Yeah, same here. I go to a very small school there are only 19 people in my whole 11th grade class, and a lot of them get really mad, and make fun of me and say that im faking, because I just wanna get out of class, and that not true at all! I just wish they understood that its not easy living with diabetes! and they just dont get it, I think that if they could live one day in our shoes having to deal with all the ups and downs,  they would understand, and not be so judgemental and all about it!

Hi, I'm now longer in school, but from what I remember, my friends were really just jealous if I got to leave!

Have you told these people that it's bothering you?

my classmates dont really say anything to me when i miss school. they do react when i go low though, well my friend does, she thinks that i'm fragile and cant do anythign cause im low. i dont leave class cause i have my purse with me and i keep my meter in it along wiht glucose tablets, or as i call them, edible sidewalk chalk, haha! i dont trust my school nurse, she misplaces everthing!!

My classmates never really knew, I mean they did notice that I wandered the halls more often as I would go and test in the nurses office and such, but it was never really a problem. By my senior year when I was ready to get out of school I may have wandered the halls more often than was needed. Most people though did not say anything though. As you were told it is none of their business and if people make comments and such it is more jealousy that you can leave and wander more freely. It is hard to deal with at times, but you will have to do what you can to get used the comments and such or try to educate as well.

I have tried to explain to them, that im not faking, and if i had a choice i would stay in class, so i wouldnt miss important things, but they just dont get it. it just gets really hard, the only people who understand are SOME of my teachers and like 2 of my friends.... :/

Sadly Teenagers are probably one of the most prejudiced and insensitive groups of people out there when it comes to some things. Especially if they can only see one perspective. In this case the fact that you are missing class. Ignoring them is probably the simplest but it will not deal with the problem. It should eventually go away, however educating them could be another thing. I know on Juvenation there is the educating others resource and I know the JDRF has some other things on their site. It is you though that will have to help them see the difference they will not come to the decision on their own. It is days like that, that I am glad that I am not a high schooler anymore.

Personally, I haven't had to really miss any school/class because of my diabetes. I've only been sick with ketones once (besides at diagnosis), and that was just a little over a month ago, when school wasn't in session.

As far as low blood sugars go, I always carry my purse with me to classes, so I have my meter and glucose tabs or some other low food with me. This way I don't have to leave class to treat a low. And I also always have a water bottle with me, anyway. So if I happen to have a high BS then I already have water.

So, no, I haven't had any problems with my friends and teachers at school. Almost all of my teachers are fine with having to check or treat in class. Ironically, I don't think I've ever had a time when I had to check or treat in a class with a teacher who I didn't like. Whenever I've had to, I've been in a class with a teacher who I know well enough to do it without even asking. Now that I come to think of it, I think the class where I've had to do most of my diabetic things is newspaper. I've developed such a close relationship with the newspaper advisor that I would consider her more of a friend than a teacher, so she obviously doesn't care if I do anything in that class. Although we'll see how that changes this year, because that advisor just retired. )=

And the same goes for the newspaper staff- we're all so close anyway, that they all know about my diabetes and don't even really notice when I have to do something. (=



holy cow! two or three times a year i miss school because of high blood sugars and LARGE ketones. and its usually on days where i haeva big test or my class gets an assignment that i learn about the day before its due.

sarah, how long have you been diabetic?

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sarah, how long have you been diabetic?


I've been diabetic for almost 8 years. December 25 will be my 8th D-day.

people just think im sick!! when im low i guess people just assume im going to the bathroom or something!!!

some kids are like "you get to eat in class! no fair!" and "heyyy i'm starving here, givev me some!" i just kinda ignore them

and then i always seem to go low in the middle of tests so kids get jealous of me leaving class...

i haven't had to miss school since diagnosis (almost 4 months ago) except for doctor's appointments and kids were jealous that i miss so much school.. i was like "i'd trade with you if you want".. yea most of them just dont really get it and think i'm faking...

Everyone gets concerned about me. Some people have to be pains in the butt and they say that I fake it. I have to leave early alot because of all my doctor appointments. It kind of gets pretty annoying after a while. I just try not to listen to the ones that say I fake it. Just ignore them. When I still hear what they say it makes me mad at them. I just try to forgive and forget.