School sleepover

ok so im going on a confirmation overnight retreat (my first overnight trip since i was diagnosed) with my classmates and my blood sugars aren't so...level when im nervous. And all i can think off is my blood sugar sky rocketing or plummeting. I keep telling myself to calm down but i can't and its getting overwhelming. I dont want to be the one left behind but i dont want my blood sugar all over the place... What should i do??

So confused.....!

is your mom going with you???? try not to think so much about the diabetes and more why you are there. if you say its a confirmation retreat, i go on church retreats all the time one nxt wkend actually and i find that the more i enjoy myself the easier it is. now im not telling you no 2 check or give insulin but if you make diabetes the center of the wknd you wont hav much fun, so what i do is get up check check atbfast  wen we do psyical activities  snacks dinner and bed. i also carry around a backpack(small if i can help it) that has extra strips insulin my pen needles my kit low supplies and like bug spray and watever else so if people ask i can tell them it has all the stuff i need and leave it at that. i also make sure i have like crystal light mix ins and a huge nalgne bottle for water with germ X attached so i KNOW i have everything i need. WEn i go to sleep at night i make sure i replinish my pack for the nxt day. it keeps me prepared and able to focus more on everything else. if you have anymore ?'s feel free to ask

oh also make sure to bring your own makes things easier wen u need them plus if you dont like wats bein served you can hav that make sure you have lke a 20 wit u incase of emergenices hav ur cell on u in the bag incase you need 2 get ahold of leaders or ur rents and plz plz plz DO NOT GO ANYWHERE BY YOURSELF if you feel high or low, also take the time to stop and check. having 1 girl friend thr to act as a buddy wen u go places is great, but you hav 2 train her somewhat and make sure your leader nos everything and that that friend will assist you wen need b

thnxz thts really helpful! :) :P i cant wait!!!