who likes school

i do

so do i my teachers are nice,fun, and cool

your cool if you like school $

skye alexandra garza

so what grade are you in

im in 8th wbu



ehh, it's ok. there are good things and bad things about school. I start school Wednesday!! I am really excited to be an 8th grader this year since this is my last year in middle school! yaayyy


i am liking it but as u said steph there are good things about it and bad things about it

yeah. turns out my teachers are all basically crazy. My math teacher is okay, she's nice and everything, I just hate geometry. My literacy teacher is a weirdo, she is just reeeeeeaaally weird. My science teacher is an even bigger weirdo. like seriously i think he's a pedophile. and my history teacher is nice but gives waaay too much work.

so yeah, oh, and my spanish teacher is nice i just don't enjoy spanish. I don't think anyone does unless they actually speak it!

School is so fun... a ton of my friends hate school but i luv it!

i don't

School is great… It gives me a place to be myself away from home.