im pretty sure theres only 1 other diabetic in my school and thats why i think everybody stares at me when i check my blood sugar and stuff like that during class. i wish their were more diabetics in my school because theres no diabetics my age that i can hang out with. does anybody else feel the same way?

I know how you feel. There's other diabetics at my school, but the school is under policy to not disclose that info, so I have no idea who they are. It shouldn't affect who you hang out with, though - just stick with your current friends. A question for you - how do you check blood sugar in class???? just pull out your tester and do it? That's too awkward for me.

ya, the kids around me are used to it by now and id miss 2 much of class if i would go all the way to the office 2 check. and i do stick with my friends and they are all ok with my diabetes and i hav 1 friend that is type 2. but i still wish i could be around other diabetics

Cant you just go to the bathroom to do it? And do you check that often? I usually just check at lunch and after school. But yeah, it would be nice to have type 1 friends.

ya i could i guess, and i dont check in class unless  i feel low

i definatly feel that way! im the only one in my whole high school that has it..i mean my friends are there for me when it comes to taking care of it and everything i just feel uncomfortable checking it or taking my insulin because all my friends hate needles and they dont like being around me when i take kinda sucks at times.