Ok. So far school has been going ok. Except it seems like right after your teachers assign you one thing they turn right around and assign you something else! I've already had 4 projects and I am starting to work on the 5th one. It seems like everything is going by so fast though. I mean it's already the second quarter of school and everything. School has definatly taken a toal on me and my sugars also. Now my sugars are like a roller- coaster. They're low and then high. The high and low. Has anyone elses sugars been crazy from school or stress or anything else? Feel free to leave a comment. :)


I think it is all the work that the teacher's are giving us that make's are BG'S go every where and i do all so think it is the strees that is doing it to are BG'S as well and i have had the some thing happen

It's just so aggrivating! I mean one minuet it's good then it's high and then it's low! One of the only things that really gets me down about the 'betes.

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Now my sugars are like a roller- coaster. They're low and then high. The high and low. 



My blood sugars, I have noticed, are always always higher on Mondays. I can pretty much expect to run in the lower 200s all day. But recently I was running high in the area of 5pm and later, and so I changed by basal rates over those hours by +.05 u/h. But then I had a week of like 8 lows, some occurring in that time pd and some other times of the day. My CDE advised me to back off on all my basals for a couple days (actually using a whole different pattern) to get rid of the lows, and "give my body a chance to get out of the low pattern". So maybe if you're running high a lot (assuming you're on a pump?) you could try increasing basals (or Lantus) but if you start running low, set a 24-hr lowered temp basal to get yourself out of that kind of a low-loop.

I don't really think my wacky bgs are from school though-- I've been trying to stop overanalyzing highs/lows, and accepting that it sometimes doesn't work out as planned.

I have a lot of problems with my blood sugars when school gets crazy and stressful. I've been having lots and lots of lows lately, both in the middle of the night and during the actual school day. I think diabetes needs to have a schedule and be pretty constant and when we get stressed or overly tired from school work we throw that balance off. I've been doing lots of trial and error with my insulin doses and basal rate, so all I can say is to try different things to help when things get rough. Remember diabetes is a game so it's gonna throw us all over the place if we aren't careful lol Hope this helped a little :)

Thanks Shelby it helped some. I bumped up my basal rate today and it wasn't as high and it hasn't been low yet so! It seems to be working so far!

Ugh yeah, I'm sure stress affects my blood sugar, but I agree with Amanda - sometimes it's important just to move on from random highs and lows.  But if there is a pattern, definitely try to figure it out!

Ok so we bumped up my basal rate again and now I haven't had highs in a while. :) Thanks to everyone who commented. It helped alot!