Ok so I start school on Tuesday. I probably won't get any sleep Monday night because I'll be like nervous and excited. I'm kind of scared because I know I won't eat luch until like 1 something. I know I'll have to eat a snack but I don't want to be the only one in my class eating a snack. I mean everyone will like stare at me or like think I'm weird. I'm also worried about having core-plus first. We have core-plus classes in the morning (core-plus is like band, gym, technology, home-ec, typing, etc.). I probably won't have gym till the last semester of school. I've noticed though that when I excersise my sugar either get's too low or too high. I have to admit though I have spme pretty good friends that will watch out for me. They know that if I start acting weird or strange that I need to check my sugar. Hopefully the first day of school this year will go better than last year. Last year the first day ended short by me leaving school crying. My pump stopped working and it scared me like so bad so I had to leave early. Ok so about the eating the snack thing I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what would be good. I want something quick and easy. I was thinking about taking a granola bar or something like that. Any Ideas?

with carbs I would definitely go with a gramola bar or some crackers, something like that. Snacks without carbs: string cheese is one of my personal favs or veggies. Goodluck with your first day of school!

That's what I was thinking about. Because if I eat a granola bar I know my sugar won't drop. I'm sure it will go great! lol. :)

I like "South Beach Living, High Protein Cereal Bars"  They have 15g carbs, & 10g protein.  They usually hold my pretty stable cuz the protein.  I like the Cranberry Almond, and my  BF likes the Peanut Butter ones.  Good luck at school this year.  I'm sure you'll do fine!