Science class: then and now

i used to like science class. i had a prettty good teacher, sat at the back of the class so i could read, check my phone..... and because i was a good student, she let me do all of that. i had a pretty good partener who did well and talked to me a bit. then came the new teacher, and she sucks. but, i got a new partener and she was sooooooooooo nice. seriously.

but then a girl who was sitting beside a wierd girl came and asked to switch places with me because well, she was sitting beside a wierd girl and she had a friend around where i was. her excuse was i cant read stuff on the board from an angle.

to be continued...

so of course i say yes or else shed go to the teacher.  on friday, we did a experiment and were using corrosive material. the stick we used to stir the corrosive material, she puts on the table and i tell her i think we should leave this in the container and she answers no, we are supposed to have a paper towel, but oh well. i think are you crazy!?! this is corrosive and will put a hole in the table if its there too long. so i rush and grab a paper towel. today we did another experiment. she took wrong measurements and left early and later when the teacher came and looked at our paper, she says that its wrong and stuff. but  my partener did stuff so i couldnt see it and the stuff she did while i was getting safety glasses she messed up on. we were supposed to measure the material and write down the same measurement in 2 different spots. well, in one of them, she writes 45 and in the other 53. and everything she did wrong, i have to fix now, but i cant because the only thing i can write for what went wrong in the experiment is that my partener is an idiot, but i dont think that would go to well, especially since me and my partener have to share that sheet.

 and she cant even spell because right, along with almost every other word there is.

this is a version of the story that makes it sound better than it actually is

ah! it feels good to vent!

glad you got it out :)  I know how frustrating it can be to be assigned partners in class, especially in high school when many people don't care at all.