Screening for antibodies

I have been doing a lot of searching on the internet for different studies relating to T1. I just came across a study that they are doing relating to the cause of T1 diabetes and pre-screening for family members of T1 diabetics. I am looking into it further as I do have a 4 year old that has not yet showed any signs of T1 :) Apparently there are some kind of antibodies in our bodies that if found in our relatives, put them at a higher risk for developing T1. They are screening people who are relatives of T1 diabetics for these antibodies as a way to see how someone actually gets it. I am going to have my daughter tested. Apparently if she tests postive for these antibodies, she is at a higher risk for developing T1. It doesn't mean she will definitley develop it, but just puts her at a higher risk. I thought maybe others on here would be interested. I found it on Look into it for yourself !!


I have a little brother who's 12 years younger who's in the TrialNet screening right now. 

If they find that your antibody levels are above a certain level you're eligible to start a clinical trial of medications that are supposed to prolong the onset of diabetes.  I think they're similar to type 2 medications...?

It's a bit traumatic for families to submit another one of their kids to the possibility that they find that they have brothers last antibody levels (GAD65, etc.) were a little elevated and my mom just wanted to hide it from my brother.  Little bit of denial.

Regardless, I think it's awesome that this program is out there.