Screwy CGM

Ummm.. my cgm has been a little screwy lately. My bg will be 120 and then my sensor will say I am 200. It has happened with multiple sensors and I am calibrating like crazy. Has anyone had this kind of trouble??

When you are applying the new sensor, are you making sure that your skin is completely clean?  Lotion, IV prep, etc. can affect your results, if that's the case.  Also, if the sensor is within 3 inches of your pump site (if you wear a pump), that also can mess with the results.  Certain medications can also have this affect.

Which CGM do you use?  When are you calibrating?  Sometimes it can be a whole set of sensors that have issues, so be sure to report them to the CGM company, they may want you to send your data so they can help figure out what's going on. 

When I was on the old dexcom in '07, my trainer was able to download info from the receiver to make sure it was working properly and to see if the problem was the sensor. Have you called your company?

I was told you can "overcalibrate" so you should try and keep it to two times a day/ I don't know though as I've had lots of problems with mine as well. I'm currently taking a "vacation" from the stupid thing because I was more frustrated than not. So just testing 10-12 times a day ( I'm a fitness nut so need to..)