Scuba diving best practices

I have not been scuba diving since before my diagnosis in March 2019. Any insight to management and good practices with T1D while participating in a dive would be greatly appreciated. I have vacation time at the end of the month and would love to get in at least one dive!

I am currently using finger sticks and MDI. I am currently in the process of getting a G6.

Hi @Dev_Renae Devin. So the issue with scuba is that lows will be hard to treat so if you are 200 foot into a cavern and go very low it could be real trouble

I would get some swim in to see how you react. Swimming is extremely strong exercise so be ready for lows. On MDI you’ll want to know how much to reduce your basal shot and how often you have to test and how many carbs for how many minutes etc. you can use your g6 for data.

Underwater your g6 will be useless because there is no receiver going to make the dive with you. Knowing what your sugar is going to do, reducing basal and probably running your bs up to 180 before a dive are all starting points.

Good luck.

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