Searching for a pump

Hey ya’ll ,

I am new to this site so please forgive me if I am using it wrong. I’m in search for a new pump for my daughter. She is 9 years old and to say the least, her diabetes has been a terrible ride. She was diagnosed at age 3 and it was down hill since then. Her A1C is still at an 11!!! She has so many lows that its resulted in multiple seizures, her numbers are no where controlled and she eats very healthy. She just got approved for thebCFM G6 si I’m super stoked about that but it’s time for a new pump. We have a medteonic one right now and have had nothing but issues. It has malfunctioned time after time and we have had about 5 new ones sent to us and still have the same problem. Any advice for the pumps out there and what would be a good one for my daughters situation. I’m hoping it will allow for a few less sleepless nights and give her and I comfort because she is terrified of dying because of these seizures. Im a wreck and although the docs have been great I feel like we are missing something. I’m hoping a new pump and cgm helps us and gives us more stability.


Hi Bridget @Bridgetkv1987, first, Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!

There has recently been many posts on selecting a pump - I suggest you read them.From reading your brief synopsis, I personally would recommend the Tandem t-Slim. Why? It is fully compatible with your daughter’s Dexcom G6 glucose monitor and employs recently approved and proven software employment “intelligent” auto-suspend features. Also my next pump once Medicare lets me dump my very old, but still no problem, Mini Med / Medtronic.

BTW, what you posted is fine and acceptable; I urge you to continue asking questions in your most comfortable manner and also offer your experiences with diabetes management for others - on here there are many parents of young kids who can benefit from what you have learned.