Sebastien Sasseville

Anyone looking for some inspiration?

Here is some: Sebastien Sasseville, a Quebec-born triathlete completed the run across Canada.

That’s 7,500 KMs and 180 Marathons. From Atlantic Ocean to Pacific.

Oh and he’s living with T1D if you must know :).

He’s a great guy and was also the first Type 1 Diabetic to successfully climb Mount Everest.

A big dreamer!

Here is a great article about the journey which was completed on World Diabetes Day 2014.


I knew that name seemed familiar - thanks for posting! I’m not into the extreme stuff, but I do enjoy pushing my limits a bit and am very inspired by these stories.

You and me both!

I don’t do long-distance running that much. I can do a 5K (3 miles) and maybe a 10K, but my lower back gives me problems when I do anything too long.

I get my fix from the gym, short running and lifting!

It’s my pleasure to post something like this. I’ve been to conferences and heard him speak. Very inspirational.

@Caddy so inspiring! I wish I could do that stuff. I am lucky to be doing CrossFit and not dropping dead LOL


Oh I know that feeling!

I might be a gym enthusiast myself but am not the long-distance runner type.

Still, truly inspiring and an amazing achievement.

Once again, we can do anything!