Section 504?

Has anyone needed to do a 504 plan for their child? What all is involved? Is is easy? How detailed does it have to be? Was reading about it and seems like a lot of unneccesary info. Plus it states that ALL persons involved with a childs management at school must be trained??? Just curious, if anyone has done this and did your school respond in a positive way? I dont feel that having T1D is a "disability" maybe I'm being stupid about this.

Just wondering???

They seem unnecessary to me unless your school or a specific teacher won't allow your child to do what is needed to manage his/her diabetes.  

If you decide it would be good to have one, this site has a bunch of good samples.

I have a 14 year old daughter who was diagnosed 1.5 years ago. There are 8 others at her school and most do have a 504. I think it is just protection for the child in case anything were to arise. Like if she were high or low during a test  and scored poorly then they are allowed to retake the test. Or one of the parents states that her daughter can carry her cell phone around with her in case she were in a remote part of the school (these are 8th-9th graders). Another good reason is when they have to do standardized testing  or ACT's they are allowed special concessions in case of high blood sugar or low blood sugar (like they can eat or test BG). The JDRF website has some examples as well. We do not have one but it is on my list of things to do! I like to think she is not disabled...however as the kids get oder the JH and SH teachers are not always as understanding and sometimes assume the kids are just being I think it helps to have things in writing just in case.

Ok. Thank you. I'm just concerned that her school will freak out. They already have when I offered to do a question and answer session with her classmates.

My son didn't use to have one but we were having problems with the school.  And I had no idea they existed until we went to our first family retreat through JDRF and during a parent meeting for my childs age they asked me if I had one and I said I had no idea what it was.  Once I found out about it I made sure I got one just so that I would know certain things would be covered for him.  Some families can do good without them if you never have any issues.  But they are kind of like insurance if you do have a school that you have alot of issues continously.  And it isn't alot of unnecessary paperwork.  You have a meeting to discuss things you would like on the 504 and the school types it up and you all sign it making it a legal document. Great for anyone who can do without it but it helps ensure that my son will be able to do what is necessary to do what he needs to and they will be there to help him when he can't.  It isn't about T1D being a disability but it affects everyone differently.

Yes, get a 504!!! You can get samples if you google "504 plan for Type 1 Diabetes" or visit

My son was also classified under "Other Health Impaired" at the end of 1st grade - which allowed his classroom teacher to have an aid to help with Jimmy.  It also gives him more time on assessments and other work...

My school district has been absolutely amazing since Jimmy started Kindergarten in 2010... Hope this helps!!!

You are entitled to be an advocate for your child!!  Don't worry about their perception of you... Wondering how it went...

Hello parents! I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice/tips on what to say/do at my daughter’s upcoming SST meeting to discuss implementing a 504 plan. I’m an educator but I have never worked with a child who needed a 504 plan (I’m mostly involved in IEPs). I have done some research through and have gotten some advise from her endocrinologist, but I wanted some feedback from actual parents who have gone through the process of the 504 plan. Any advise/tips will be greatly appreciated.


Also, I dont know where you live, but you can have AC in your childs classroom added to it!

I had no problems within my school, everyone has been great with my son. However, I still got a 504 in place absolutely. It specifies everything that could possibly happen. He does get a classroom with air, hes is aloud bathroom breaks whenever he needs and to keep a water bottle at his desk. He has in it that one other person in school needs to be trained, not everybody. He also has an emergency snack bag in every class he should go into, all of the specials as well as his class in case of a lockdown or fire drill (grab the bag on the way out). Things like this every school should cooperate with but they take it much more serious (as they should) with it in writing in a legal document. Plus, I wanted it in affect now so that it carries with him through middle and high school!

Yes, a 504 plan is a must for a T1D child. You, as the parent, can add whatever you want in the plan so that your child can safely attend school. We have one that is revised every year for our son. It allows him to carry a water bottle, snacks, and juice boxes through this school day. It also allows him to leave class 5 min. early to go to the nurse to get a blood check before lunch so that he doesn’t miss any of his lunch period. He gets unlimited bathroom breaks. We also have put that if there is a field trip for my son’s class that either my husband or I are to go on the trip as a chaperone.
It is just good to have a legal document that all the school staff must follow.

I concur with the others who say write up a 504. Even if the school is easy-going now, you never know when a single teacher might have a freak out. Having a 504 resolves the ambiguity. Also no matter how old your child is or how self-sufficient he or she is, the more people in your corner helping your child, the better off we all are.