Seeking endo who knows the difference bet. type 1 and type 2

Hey, does anyone have any good resources or advice on how to find an endo who understands T1D?

I’m a 24 yo female, diagnosed when I was 5, and am currently on the Medtronic Minimed/Enlite 530G pump/CGM system. I recently moved (back) to the Bay Area and need to find a new doc. Used to live in Sunnyvale and had an awful time finding a good doctor–one tried to convince me that I could wean myself off of insulin, another was sure that my dynamic basal rate just compensation for my irregular eating habits. SMH.

Now I’m in Daly City (just south of San Francisco), and would like to find a doctor relatively close by who understands T1D and preferably one with experience working with athletes, as I play rugby and BG control during and after practices and games is always a HUGE problem.

If you have any referrals, resources, tips, or advice, I’d love to hear it!

Since you’re on the 530G I’m guessing you recently upgraded your pump since they have only been available for about a year. Maybe try contacting your Medtronic rep or trainer and ask if they have any docs they work with in your area that they can recommend? That way you’ll at least know they are familiar with your pump.

For your exercise issues go to Gary Scheiner is a type 1 exercise physiologist and diabetes educator. He does online classes for $30 and if you do the live online classes you can ask him questions. He’s really helped me. Sherri Colberg’s “The Diabetic Athlete” book is a helpful resource too. Not sure if you’ve ever looked at it.

You need a doctor who has the right knowledge and the right attitude.

Get a list of the doctors covered by your insurance and call their offices to get recommendations from the staff who schedule the appointments. The schedulers know their doctors and if you’re friendly they can help you find a good fit.

I’ve had great luck explaining that I’m a knowledgeable, longtime type 1 diabetic who uses a pump and I want a doctor who is up to date in current research and has a real life approach to managing diabetes.

Adults with type 1 are apparently pretty rare. I have found a good endo by using the advice above. I also think that a doctor you work well with can be equally as effective as someone who has a lot of experience with type 1s. My OB had never had a type 1 expectant mom, but he was cool and researched and got advice from med school colleagues who did have experience. We worked together and I had a healthy pregnancy.

I sure hope you found a good endo by now. I must be lucky to have always had one that understood T1. I really thought they all did.

I know my answer is late but I have a great endocrinologist who knows the difference between type1 and type2.
She is great and spend lots of time with you.
She knows all about pumps and CGMs and has nurses training patients on how to use them.
she is Dr Tracey McLaughlin at Stanford Hospital and clinics.
hope it helps.